Sina Kohlbrenner

Sina Kohlbrenner joined Basel Area Business & Innovation in 2021. Sina Kohlbrenner has been in leading Marketing roles in the international medical device and healthcare sector for over a decade. Her experience ranges from Marketing Strategy, Clinical Education Programs, Product Management, Business Development and Sales Support. Sina Kohlbrenner has helped develop a nationwide US subsidiary … Continued

Martin Jordan

Martin Jordan has been working for Basel Area Business & Innovation since 2019. Prior to that, he worked as a media spokesperson for the University Hospital Basel. Before switching to corporate communications, he was a journalist at Radio SRG, where he was a moderator, reporter and editor at the Regionaljournal Basel. Martin Jordan worked as … Continued

Arianna Ramirez

Arianna Carolina Ramírez joined Basel Area Business & Innovation in 2022. She worked previously as Photographer and Audiovisual Producer, Book Illustrator, and Conversation Analyst, in different startups in Colombia. She is also an entrepreneur herself and has led several projects. In the field of mental health, she directs an activism startup called Hablemos De Salud … Continued

Anneke Geyer-Tennekes

Anneke Geyer-Tennekes has been with Basel Area Business & Innovation since 2021. Previously, the marketing expert worked in the tourism and finance industry. Most recently, she was head of the Marketing and Communications team at Basel Tourism. As PR responsible for North America, Benelux, and Germany, she was active in tourism promotion for important target … Continued

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