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The Park Basel Area community is growing – we are delighted to present our new residents.

The portfolio of drug discovery companies working on their research ideas at the equipped shared laboratory space of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area is growing. In May 2018, Skyhawk Therapeutics, a Boston-based company, moved in to perform some of its research activities focusing on a novel platform to develop small molecules targeting RNA.

Alibion, a biotech company focused on accelerating the development of therapeutics through early stages, joined our office space. The team identifies promising novel therapeutics from academic laboratories and pools the necessary resources to drive these compounds out of the labs and into late-stage development.

With Pharmaprint LLC, the park’s competences in 3-D printing develop. The company is working on innovative 3-D printing methods with the ambition of changing the worldwide production of pharmaceuticals.

Finally, a specialist in securing financing for ambitious R&D projects has moved in. Catalyze supports researchers and companies in securing financing, from early stage pre-clinical research up to clinical stage development.

Find out more about our residents here.

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