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Switzerland Innovation Park is committed to the guidance and support of aspiring entrepreneurs on their way towards success. Thanks to our partner organization Basel Area Business & Innovation, residents at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area can rely on a broad set of services and offers to cover the early phase of founding a company. Three leading startup accelerator & incubator programs dedicated to the support of ventures in the field of therapeutics, digital health, and industrial transformation are based at the Switzerland Innovation Park.


BaseLaunch helps scientists and entrepreneurs launch exceptional biotech companies. With the support of leading pharma companies and venture funds it serves as a growth platform for early stage ventures developing cutting-edge therapeutics.

BaseLaunch helps build companies from inception through to Series A funding, providing financing of up to CHF 500’000 per company and supporting all aspects of business development.


With a platform for collaborative innovation across disciplines and industries, DayOne accelerates startups, launches catalyst projects, and hosts a community and events to bring innovative healthcare ventures forward. Since 2018, DayOne has supported 23 companies with a combined valuation of over CHF 80 million, contributing to the life sciences ecosystem of the Basel Area.

The DayOne Accelerator is the healthcare innovation initiative of Basel Area Business & Innovation and is split into three verticals: DayOne Health 4.0, DayOne Tech and Digital Health Nation. They support promising new digital health and precision medicine ventures with guidance, mentorship, funding and collaborative workspaces. DayOne Health 4.0 helps early to mid-stage digital health ventures from all over the world reach their next goal in building a successful business at the interface with pharma. DayOne Tech accelerates medtech ventures in the canton of Jura within a global research and manufacturing ecosystem to bring your prototype to the next level. Digital Health Nation brings digital health ideas to life in Switzerland by accelerating and connecting you to academia, pharma, and research.


The Basel Area Industrial Transformation initiative offers a powerful ecosystem for tackling the transition of the manufacturing industry towards smart technologies and sustainable production methods. The Initiative offers a collaborative platform within the broader Basel Area (Upper Rhine including France and Germany), and is host of the multifaceted i4Challenge program, to accelerate the development of startups, SMEs and new ideas in the field of Industry 4.0.

Startup Support

Residents of the Switzerland Innovation Park can take advantage of a wide range of additional support services designed to boost their startup’s success.

Seminars and Workshops

This program of seminars and workshops is the core of all entrepreneurial support services. It deals with all the questions that may arise during the planning and set-up of a company. Get a more in-depth examination of topics like business plan, funding, product development, communications, marketing, pricing and intellectual property.

Connect & Advisory

The Basel Area Business & Innovation experts evaluate a company’s need for support and establishes valuable contacts, for example to specialists, research institutions or potential cooperation partners.

Venture Mentoring

This program offers startups the opportunity to have their project or business idea reviewed by established industry experts, entrepreneurs and investors.

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