Current residents

The following research groups and companies are part of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area community:

Ad Mirabiles AG: Patient specific implants for any type of indication, focusing in particular on CMF applications and PEEK implants.

aiNET GmbH:  leverages artificial intelligence and large-scale networks for data analytics. aiNET serves pharmaceutical industries and biotechs discover biologics from next-generation sequencing big data.

Algae Natural Food Switzerland / Exclusive Experience AG:  provides protein and/or omega 3 rich high quality micro-algae for food and feed applications – the production process for organic micro algae production is developed based on a sustainable and circular approach for a successful eco-conception.

Alibion AG:  a biotech company focused on the early stage development of the first personalized medicine against Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Aurteen GmbH: develops software that uses machine learning to provide low-cost non-invasive screening solutions to detect blinding disorders and brings accessible high-quality-diagnostic care to the general population.

Auxenion Research AG: Biotech startup with a focus on pharmaceutical research.

BioCopy AG: BioCopy delivers new technologies for the development of vaccine precursors. Our core technique is the replication of DNA templates and the translation of these templates into proteins or peptides. Combined with label-free identification of biomolecule interactions our breakthrough technologies provide the possibility of high throughput screening of thousands of different targets at once.

Blackway Biosciences AG: BlackWay Biosciences AG provides preclinical drug discovery and development services across a spectrum of indications in the space of cardiometabolic and rare diseases, and across multiple modalities including small molecules, biologics and oligonucleotide therapeutics.

Captor Therapeutics: Polish biotech company developing drug candidates for the treatment of oncology and chronic inflammation.

Caresocius AG: is an online platform with AI for listing and booking health services around the world. It connects helath service providers and helath travelers, it facilitates the process of creating appointments, while in future supporting travel logistics.

Cimeio Therapeutics AG: CIMEIO develops game changing immunotherapies for leukemic tumors, non-malignant blood disorders, auto-immune diseases and tolerance for organ transplantation.

Coretag: Coretag discovered and now develops a platform technology that specifically targets to necrotic cells. The Radioligand diagnostics visualizes all types of necrosis in living tissue within 24-hours of application.

Department of Biomedical Engineering (DBE), University of Basel: More than twenty research groups with the subsequent focal areas: Biomechanics and biomaterials, computational modelling, imaging and image analysis, laser and robotics, regenerative medicine.

Di Meliora AG: New dental implant designs that aim to solve challenges like marginal bone loss, implant cleaning, bone augmentation.

Ersys: Ersys develops ergonomic systems, from the workplace to the workbench for precision mechanics.

Galen Growth GmbH: Galen Growth Asia is the leading research, analytics and matchmaking firm in Asia Pac serving Fortune 500 companies and global investors, exclusively HealthTech focused.

GeneLook AG: In the genetic era GeneLook lets you manage your DNA from the palm of your hand. We offer you value in real time ranging from understanding your susceptibility to disease risks, or what foods are good for you, to even understanding your personality traits based on your genetics.

GPRS – Gombert Pharma Research Solutions: Offers consultancy and services for pharmaceutical research. Our aim is to support our clients in all aspects of identifying new targets, drug candidates and therapies through drug discovery and early clinical development phases.

Hamilton Bonaduz AG: Within the Robotics business unit, Hamilton develops and manufactures pipetting robots to automate liquid handling processes. As part of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, we are currently developing applications on various robotic platforms in a laboratory, where the applications can also be biologically tested.

HealthHack Lab: We are a non profit lab for patients, caregivers and innovators to co-create solutions that address everyday health challenges. We bring people, training, knowledge and equipment together to help others to improve their lives step by step.

KetoSwiss AG: A University of Basel spinoff- brings an efficient and long-neglected fuel for the brain (ketone bodies) back into the modern world, to combat neurological diseases, such as migraine.

KetteRx GmbH: is a Basel based company active in the field of creating, planning and operating biotech companies. We collaborate with the inventors to drive development of these projects with a pharma industry point of view. We lead the company creation tasks with the aim to become an investible entity for venture capital investors.

MD Precision Health We supports companies to facilitate digitization and solve IT security issues.

Peter Kelly Pharma: Drug-discovery, specializing in diseases of the nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

QCPT Services GmbH: provides services in life science and information technology industry. The four letters QCPT stand for our service portfolio: Quality & Compliance services, Consulting services, Project Management and Training. Our Quality & Compliance services focus on Computerized System Validation, GxP assessments, Data Integrity, eCompliance Quality Assurance, GMP Quality Control Frameworks and internal audits related to these topics.

Soladis GmbH: Soladis is a data expert. Its unique know-how in statistics, biostatistics, bioinformatics, clinical trials, data science, IoT and digitalization makes Soladis the perfect partner for your data-related projects.

Sotio Biotech AG: has been building a diverse biotechnology portfolio through own R&D, partnering and investments since 2010. It’s focusing on immuno-oncology and developing innovative methods of the treatment of cancer. SOTIO is conducting multiple Phase I to III clinical trials and projects in preclinical stage.

Spheroidals: Spin-off from the University Hospital Basel. This company devotes itself to developing novel nanotechnologies in medical application, mainly focusing on non-invasive imaging of atherosclerosis and targeted anti-atherosclerosis therapy.

SunRegen Healthcare AG: SunRegen is a biopharmaceutical company focusing on developing innovative treatments for patients with neurodegenerative diseases.

Synendos Therapeutics: Biopharmaceutical company that aims to develop breakthrough safe and effective therapies for unmet needs in neuropsychiatric disorders through modulation of a new drug target in the endocannabinoid system that enables restoration of natural functioning of the brain.