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Curare Swiss

Sina Kohlbrenner

Curare is a global company with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and now also in the major European Biotech hub Switzerland! We support you to translate science from discovery to a successful clinical Proof-of-Concept. Our experts take responsibility and pride in their work. Like you, we go the extra mile to make sure things get done and get done right. Our strong drive and pragmatic approach are valued by our clients, with a high repeat business rate (>90%). Let us introduce ourselves. Our name Curare has its origins in the Amazon region. Native Amazonian tribes are accredited to the discovery of the Curare plant in those environs. The extract was added to the poisonous darts used to kill their prey. The dosage had to be small enough to fit on an arrowhead but yet still remain effective. If a low dosage of curare is used it is not lethal. It is still used as a muscle relaxant in surgery today. Thus, dosage is all-important. Getting the dose right. This is equally important to the Native Amazonian tribes as to the operating theatres of today. But equally so in drug development. This is the basic rule for every clinical pharmacologist. And the basic rule adhered to by all our experts. Curare makes sense. Curare provides strategic advice to assist in the successful design of drug development programs. From the non-clinical phase to the clinical Proof-of-Concept. The right decisions at the right time. Our experts put their years of experience and knowledge relating to translational and clinical drug development to use.

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