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Arianna Ramirez

Alltimm helps Pharma Startups to realize ideas for innovative medicines. Alltimm is a pharma startup consulting company for product development and production. Together, we will successfully convert your great idea into a new product based on our technical know-how and broad experience in drug development and production. We have a unique track record of bringing innovative drugs to the market with high quality and cost consciousness. Alltimm is competent, reliable and successful. Contact us and nothing can stop us from being successful together.

The Active: The active substance is the core of any product. Alltimm looks for the best manufacturer using our outsourcing experience. We will ensure the process to be robust and cost effective.

Formulation Development: We define the product profile with you. What is the desired route of application? What dose is expected? We develop your product and packaging for clinical studies and market launch.

Quality Management: Quality is Alltimm’s passion and we know how to ensure it for your products. High quality and cost efficient suppliers will deliver your product to your needs. We manage your suppliers with professional contracts in place.

Our Offer for You: You discuss your project with us – if you prefer under confidentiality agreement. We will prepare a brief consultancy agreement addressing project scope and hourly consulting fees. We are open to discuss alternate compensation models with startup companies like share or option allocation. We are excited to cooperate with you on your innovative project!

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