Predemtec Ltd. moved to Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in May

The start-up is specialized in research, development and manufacturing of innovative diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of risk factors of dementias. The simple blood test, developed by Predemtec, allows an early and accurate diagnosis of various forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease for instance. Only if dementias are diagnosed early enough, a preventive therapy can be adapted effectively to delay the manifestation of the disease and to alleviate the severity of the disease.

The first laboratory test of Predemtec, is a serum-based immunoassay for the early diagnosis of dementias due to Alzheimer’s disease and is expected to be launched by end of 2017.

The management team is thrilled about being in an exceptional regional environment with its numerous international pharma and biotech companies that play a leading role, both in Alzheimer’s therapy development and in diagnostics.

Furthermore, the proximity to the University of Basel and it’s clinical research offers a very competitive and innovative environment for the start-up. Collaborations with University of Basel and other Swiss academic institutes are planned in the near future.

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