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Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area


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Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area gives academic, precompetitiv, and spin-out R&D groups access to an independent research playground, an inspiring community of peers, and a world-class ecosystem.

A community to nurture your innovations and the space to bring them to life.

As a catalyst at the nexus of life sciences, IT, and materials science our mission is to foster mutually beneficial collaborations across discipline and technology boundaries.


Nurturing a close-knit community for life sciences innovation and building strong partnerships among our residents are our strengths. In order to ensure optimum mutual support, resident projects should either be part of or complement our core focus on Biomedical Engineering, Personalised Medicine, Biotech and Medical Chemistry.

Residents benefit from our close ties with key players in Europe’s leading life sciences cluster and Switzerland’s top R&D region. Individual matchmaking and events enable access to a growing network of world-leading academic institutions and global industry players as well as experienced advisors and investors.


Prime Location and First-Class ECOSYSTEM

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area is located at the heart of Europe’s leading life sciences cluster and only minutes from the vibrant cultural center of Basel, Switzerland. Our facilities include 6,000 square meters of private and shared labs and office R&D spaces.

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In our selection process we apply the following quality criterias of Switzerland Innovation:

  • Clear focus on R&D/innovation activities
  • Willingness to integrate in the ecosystem of the location and to actively engage in the exchange with other companies, projects and research groups
  • The activities of the company comply with Swiss law

The following research groups and companies are residents at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area:

Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Basel: research at the DBE bridges the gap between clinical applications and medical technology development. This highly interdisciplinary endeavor is organized in four focal areas: Biomechanics and Biomaterials, Imaging and Image Analysis, Laser and Robotics, and Regenerative Medicine. Department of Biomedical Engineering

  • Biomaterials Science Center
  • Bio-Inspired Robots for Medicine-Lab
  • Biomedical Laser and Optics Group
  • Center for medical Image Analysis and Navigation
  • Center of Biomechanics and Biocalorimetry
  • Human Optics Lab
  • Laboratory for Adaptable MRI Technology
  • Oral Health Technologies (High-tech Research Center (HFZ))
  • Smart Implants

Ad Mirabiles AG: develops patient specific implants for all kind of indications, focusing in particular on CMF applications and PEEK implants admirabiles.com

Biotech in stealth mode: with a focus on pharmaceutical research.

Di Meliora SA: offers new dental implant designs that aim to solve challenges faced by todays implants: marginal bone loss, implant cleaning, bone augmentation.

Mininavident AG: winner of the Swiss Technology Award 2015, a spin-off from the University Hospital Basel that is developing a miniaturized, handheld navigation system for the precise and safe implantation of dental implants mininavident.com

Peter Kelly Pharma: is a drug-discovery company specializing in diseases of the nervous system, particularly those which are major unmet medical needs, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

Predemtec AG: is specialized in research, development and manufacturing of innovative diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of risk factors of dementias predemtec.com

Versameb AG: is a regenerative medicine research and development company versameb.com