Park Basel Area

A place where you can shape the future

The purpose of our park is to contribute to the world by focusing on progress. We believe in the power of mankind through collaboration, networks and the right environment as the foundation for great innovation and for you to achieve your goals.

That’s why we act as a catalyst for innovation and progress – connecting, supporting and engaging people with ideas and passion in biotech, medtech, digital health, healthtech and industrial transformation. Our place features offices and private or shared labs, as well as common spaces suited to your everyday business life. All of this located in the heart of Europe’s leading healthcare and life sciences powerhouse forming a unique ecosystem for decision makers, investors and innovators with industry or academic background. We’ve established ourselves in four different sites within the Basel Area (Allschwil, Basel, Novartis Campus and Jura) to leverage the extraordinary potential of the region and for you to have access to as much resources as you require.


To help you achieve your goals, we relied on our status as an organization that isn’t uniquely profit-driven to allow for a curated mix of like-minded people that have diverse expertise, speak different languages and come from different cultures to build and grow a community together. We give you access to an innovative and cutting-edge infrastructure and equipment suited to your needs as well as a broad set of startup services, programs and accelerators so that you can focus on inventing, researching and shaping your future.