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Julijana Stula

In the canton of Jura, innovation starts with time: The expertise in watchmaking was transferred into a deep understanding and a huge innovation force in mechanics and precision engineering. Today, the areas of medtech and healthtech play a vital role in the Jura, and the industrial transformation is a topic that drives many entrepreneurs.

These are also the focus topics of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in the Jura. The site in Courroux near Delémont offers coworking spaces and offices for entrepreneurs and innovators who are active in the fields of medtech, healthtech, digital health, and industrial transformation. The community benefits from a vast network that connects to solve problems in workshops and at events and not least from great cross-cantonal connections to other sites and the excellent ecosystem of the Basel Area.

The Jura site is also home to the i4Challenge, an accelerator to support innovative solutions for industrial transformation.

If you want a taste of Jura and its innovation potential, get your free 5-day pass* today and get to work in the coworking space.

Join us at upcoming events! And at our Medtech Congress Jura series

*Depending on availability

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