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State-Of-The-Art Lab Space in Basel

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area provides state-of-the-art laboratory facilities tailored to the needs of science and technology enterprises in various stages of development. Whether you are an expanding existing company or a startup, our tech park offers a dynamic entrepreneurial environment ideal for advancing your lab initiatives. 

Our community includes biotech and medtech companies, diligently working on innovative projects with the potential to make a meaningful impact in their respective industries. 

All our residents benefit from our ongoing community-building initiatives, including organized events that foster networking, collaboration, and engagement within the dynamic ecosystem of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area. 

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area provides fully permitted private labs, as well as shared lab spaces. 

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Private labs

Fully furnished and customizable, our private labs are designed to accommodate the unique requirements of our residents. 

Private labs offer: 

  • Furnished and permitted biology, chemistry and analytical labsranging from 20 to 100 m²
  • Waste management 
  • Washing service for glassware 
  • Autoclave* 
  • Safety installations 
  • Liquid nitrogen and dry ice*
  • Carbon dioxide*, nitrogen gas*, compressed air, deionized water 
  • Additional storage, chemical storage, cold storage and cryogenic rooms** 
  • Standard SIP services including standard IT infrastructure, printer/copier/scanner, meeting rooms and phone booths, postal facilities, fully furnished and equipped kitchen areas (including unlimited coffee, tea, water), shower facilities, in-house bicycle parking, staffed welcome desk, the possibility of domiciliation, community management, access to our ecosystem and events  

* Additional charges may apply 

Shared labs

Designed to address the unique needs of biotech companies specializing in wet lab activities, encompassing drug discovery, diagnostics, and synthetic biology, our shared labs at the Main Campus HQ provide fully equipped spaces. These facilities are managed by a dedicated lab coordinator to ensure adherence to safety guidelines, to offer support with equipment, and to manage maintenance tasks. Startups and companies have the flexibility to rent one or more benches in the shared lab area based on their specific needs. 

Shared labs offer: 

  • Cell culture facility including multiple safety cabinets (up to BSL-2 safety levels)  
  • Shakers and incubators for bacterial and mammalian cell cultures 
  • PCR and qPCR machines plate reader, imaging stations, and microscopes  
  • Nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis equipment  
  • HPLCs, rotavaps and chemical hoods  
  • Centrifuges, thermomixers, orbital shakers and rockers 
  • Cleaning service 
  • Waste management 
  • Lab glassware washer 
  • Autoclaves 
  • Safety installations
  • Cold storage units (+4, –20, –80 °C), including backup solutions 
  • Ice machines, liquid nitrogen and dry ice 
  • Carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas, compressed air, deionized and purified water 
  • Storage space for lab consumables, solvent and chemical storage 
  • Standard Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area services (see above) 

Lab residents have the option to place their private instruments in the shared lab space, contingent upon availability. 

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Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area focuses on four specific thematic areas for research and subsequent development into products and services. Residents who rent our lab spaces benefit from the huge potential for innovation in biotech, medtech, digital health, healthtech and industrial transformation.


In the area of biotech, research is focused on drug development and discovery. Our residents work on breakthrough treatments that offer greater benefits than just incremental improvements. Most companies are in the process of discovering, developing and testing their products with the goal of fulfilling unmet medical needs – they aim at addressing conditions for which there are currently no adequate cures or diagnoses.


Medtech companies at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area work on innovations, tools, materials or objects that will change diagnosis, monitoring, therapeutics or treatment. Switzerland is one of the most important locations for the global medical technology industry with the highest density of medical device companies per capita in Europe – and the Basel Area is its most dynamic center of activities.

Digital Health & Healthcare

The Basel Area is a world-leading hub of biopharma, diagnostics and medtech industries. These players are in the midst of the transformation of their business models, traditionally focused on drugs and devices, towards the delivery of healthcare. This is accompanied by the rapid adoption and development of Digital Health and Healthtech capabilities, making the Basel Area a hotbed in these fields.

Industrial Transformation

The Basel region boasts a solid base of manufacturing companies (from large to SME). The canton of Basel-Land is particularly active in production for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, while the canton of Jura is a hotspot in the field of watchmaking.

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