Switzerland Innovation: Connecting Great Minds

Switzerland Innovation is a privately funded foundation with joint support from the federal and cantonal governments, universities and research institutes. The initiative creates a platform for companies to team up with higher education institutions in order to nurture innovations and bring them to life whilst strengthening Switzerland as one of the most innovative countries in the world.

The foundation was launched in 2015. It operates with five legally independent regional innovation parks and a national organizing institution. Within this network, each of the parks located in different areas of Switzerland offers a unique portfolio of services, first-class infrastructure, proximity to leading universities, and is suitable for further expansion. The sites are designed to serve as incubators for start-ups and to foster the development of novel ideas into commercial products. By giving easy access to talent and expertise, the parks enable technology-driven companies to create their next breakthrough. Connecting great minds and the sharing of ideas between researchers, talented individuals and entrepreneurs create a breeding ground for innovation.


The foundation is entirely financed by renowned Swiss companies such as ABB, Roche, and Nestlé as well as trade associations. Cantons, higher education institutions, and industry join forces to shape the sites’ focus areas:


  • Park Basel Area: biotech, medtech, digital health, healthtech and industrial transformation
  • Park Innovaare: accelerator technology, advanced materials and processes, human health, energy
  • Park Zurich: life sciences and quality of life, engineering and environment, digital technologies and communication
  • Park Network West EFPL: computer and computational science
  • Park Biel/Bienne: application-oriented research and development in industrial technology