Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area focuses on four specific thematic areas for research and subsequent development into products and services. Our residents benefit from the huge potential for innovation in the following disciplines:


In the area of biotech, research is focused on drug development and discovery. Our residents work on breakthrough treatments that offer greater benefits than just incremental improvements. Most companies are in the process of discovering, developing and testing their products with the goal of fulfilling unmet medical needs – they aim at addressing conditions for which there are currently no adequate cures or diagnoses.


The Basel Area, home of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, is a world leading hub for life sciences, predominantly because of the large multinational pharmaceutical companies headquartered here, but also due to a growing and thriving biotech startup scene. Over 700 life science firms are domiciled in the Basel Area.


The drug development process is highly complex and requires deep expertise that is typically not available in an academic setting, but rather acquired through many years of hands-on work within big pharma corporations and by having access to the right network. Furthermore, companies often face a shortage of the specific infrastructure and equipment required to develop drugs. Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area offers access to fully-equipped, shared labs, private labs and office spaces. BaseLaunch, one of Europe’s leading therapeutics and biotech accelerators, is also based here. The initiative provides financial support for promising ventures willing to de-risk their projects in order to attract venture capital financing. Through its expansive network of industry experts, BaseLaunch identifies and connects the required expertise to complement the management teams to maximize the impact of the funding on the advancement of the project.


Site: Allschwil


Med Tech is a rather broad sector which includes any product suited to extend our lifespans, for example items used in a routine visit to the doctor, (gloves, syringes), other common products such as glasses and wheelchairs, and the more recent developments of scanners, pacemakers and other electronic devices. Medtech companies at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area work on innovations, tools, materials or objects that will change diagnosis, monitoring, therapeutics or treatment.


Switzerland is one of the most important locations for the global medical technology industry with the highest density of medical device companies per capita in Europe – and the Basel Area is its most dynamic center of activities. The region hosts world-leading companies in the fields of diagnostics, dental implants and medical devices such as Straumann, DePuy Synthes, Medartis, Composites Busch and BienAir. Therefore, the Basel Area’s medtech companies have access to the right industry partners and resources they need in order to grow, with academic institutions and research institutes such as the University of Basel, DBBSSE, TPH, CSEM and FHNW providing a solid research backbone to the region.


Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area has already produced a true medtech success story: AOT, a company founded by Dr. Alfredo Bruno, Prof. Dr. Philippe Cattin, Prof. Dr. Dr. Philipp Jürgens and Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans-Florian Zeilhofer, reinvented bone surgery by creating CARLO, a robot-guided laser osteotome. The medtech expertise accumulated at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area is nothing short of impressive, thanks to the highly promising residents, like e.g. the Department of Biomedical Engineering (University of Basel) with its flagship project Miracle.


Sites: Allschwil and Jura

Digital Health & Healthtech

Digital Health and Healthtech combine digital technologies with health, living and society, to make the delivery of healthcare more efficient, precise and personalized. This convergence fuels a transformation from today’s sickcare to healthcare, including predisposition testing, disease prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and disease management. This development will be accelerated by trends such as wearables and access to consumer information, to further engage and empower the patients in the management of their care.


The Basel Area is a world-leading hub of biopharma, diagnostics and medtech industries. These players are in the midst of the transformation of their business models, traditionally focused on drugs and devices, towards the delivery of healthcare. This is accompanied by the rapid adoption and development of Digital Health and Healthtech capabilities, making the Basel Area a hotbed in these fields. The region also hosts multiple bioinformatics companies, a world-leading telemedicine company (Medgate) as well as renowned academic institutions and research institutes. The entire Life Science industry in the Basel Area is actively participating in the ongoing digital revolution, striving to stay ahead of the transformation of their global healthcare market counterparts.


Establishing a healthcare start-up requires funding, knowledge of regulations, finding the right expertise and contacts within the ecosystem, and finally navigating the cumbersome pathways to market in healthcare. The Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area is precisely targeted at these needs with its own health hacking lab and accelerator. The DayOne initiative is also active at the Park, providing events for awareness, cultural change and agenda setting, catalyst projects as a neutral platform to enable collaboration, and the DayOne startup accelerator offers runs around specific and unaddressed patient needs (e.g. in pediatrics).


Sites: Novartis Campus and Jura

Industrial Transformation

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a rapid transformation process, driven by new consumer needs, global competition, changing business models and the development of revolutionary technologies (like robotics, IoT, Big Data, AI, VR/AR or 3D printing). This development is often referred to as Industry 4.0.


The Basel region boasts a solid base of manufacturing companies (from large to SME). The canton of Basel-Land is particularly active in production for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, while the canton of Jura is a hotspot in the field of watchmaking.


Innovation in production technologies requires new know-how and collaboration at the convergence of multiple industries. This proves to be challenging for players siloed in different industries, and it is particularly difficult for SMEs with less resources to access this know-how and collaboration partners.


At Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area, these needs are addressed through networking, educational events and workshops, as well as new collaborative projects between SMEs and academia. From 2020 onwards, our Jura site will offer unique prototyping spaces, where residents can meet to develop and materialize ideas in the field of Industrial Transformation. We provide physical and digital equipment in our prototyping spaces to help residents turn their concepts into reality. Moreover, the i4 Challenge, an initiative active at the Park, is aimed at accelerating the development of start-ups and projects with innovative solutions, new approaches and sophisticated products in the field of Industry 4.0.


Site: Jura