Site Expansion


New Home of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area


Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area first opened its doors in Allschwil in 2016, welcoming a thriving mix of start-ups and consulting companies, with 150 scientists and entrepreneurs on board to work on projects in medical technology and biotechnology.

With the community growing steadily, our main site’s expansion at the new GRID Campus of Collaboration is just around the corner.

In 2022 Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area will take up residency at the newly developed “GRID Campus of Collaboration”. GRID, an acronym for “Grand Reseau d’Innovation et de Développement”, is a super-sized state-of the-art innovation research hub designed by Basel’s globally renowned architects Herzog & de Meuron and developed by Senn Resources AG.

GRID is a stone’s throw away from our current location, right next to the new Swiss TPH, Abbott, SKAN, Actelion, and Idorsia, also in development by SENN and located on the up-and-coming BaseLink site in Allschwil.

With over 50,000 square meters of office, laboratories, meeting hubs, food and recreation, GRID will serve as the perfect setting to integrate teaching, research, development and production and reinforce Allschwil as the most important meeting point for life science, biotech and public health innovation in Europe.

Here, Switzerland Innovation Park alone will offer an attractive work environment for around 550 researchers and form part of an inspiring evolution, sharing the campus with other globally renowned institutions. Allschwil, already known for its thriving start-up scene, will become Basel Area’s international hub for rising technologies.