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The place to be for medtech innovation and industrial transformation

The Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Jura is committed to fostering innovation in the fields of medtech, healthtech, digital health and industrial transformation. With a blend of private and shared office spaces, along with communal areas and a prototyping room, this is the ideal location for your everyday business activities where new ideas can come to life.

Where to find us?

Our Jura site is designed to foster creativity and growth in the French-speaking part of the Basel Area. You can reach it by train from Basel SBB to Delémont within 40 minutes. With a direct border to France, our Jura site is a bridge between the German and French cantons.

The site’s prime location in the Jura region, known for its watchmaking industry and its extensive medtech heritage and expertise, provides established companies and entrepreneurs with a unique environment to foster innovation.

Our offer

Private offices

Fully furnished and equipped working space, with front office management included and a Community Manager on site for your support.

Starting from 780.– CHF / month. Please review the factsheet below for a comprehensive overview of prices and services included.

Coworking space

With a fixed desk or flex desk membership, you can access our modern facilities, attend our events and join our innovative community. A fixed desk membership also allows you to have a domicile address.

Starting from 200.– CHF / month. Please review the factsheet below for a comprehensive overview of prices and services included.

Meeting rooms

Workshop and innovation space access is included in the membership for resident companies. For external companies, download the factsheet below to check available rooms and prices:

Starting from 90.– CHF /½ day. Please review the factsheet below for a comprehensive overview of prices and services included.

Our flagship event: The Medtech Congress

The Medtech Congress is a groundbreaking event that takes place each October at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Jura. It is the highlight of the year for the medtech community in the region and beyond. With conferences and AI-facilitated matchmaking networking sessions, the event is truly one of a kind. It brings together all players in the medtech industry, making it the place to be for medtech innovation.

Our innovative community

The Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area in the Jura provides an environment that combines in-depth experience with out-of-the-box thinking. Networking with leading figures in the medtech and high-precision industries is as effortless as having a casual coffee chat with a neighbor. Our Jura site is home to the DayOne Tech accelerator and i4Challenge from Basel Area Business & Innovation.

The innovation park in Courroux offers the comfort of a supportive work environment combined with unparalleled access to accelerators and subsidiaries – and the residents appreciate that unique combination: established companies integrate with the startup scene while startups advance their prototypes to market.

FAQ Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area site Jura

How can the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area help your entrepreneurial journey?

Our site provides modern infrastructure, providing all essential resources for life sciences-focused startups looking to develop and scale their innovations.

Across our three sites, we prioritize resident participation in flagship events (Medtech Congress, Open Mics, the Magnet events) and provide exclusive access to community events.

We provide visibility opportunities through our channels, allowing resident companies to post their events in a closed LinkedIn group and on website platforms. We promote resident milestones on our social media channels as well.

Additionally, the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area hosts accelerator initiatives from Basel Area Business & Innovation, providing residents with close access to funding opportunities.

What is happening inside the site Jura?

Our Jura site is a hub of medtech innovation and industrial transformation. Some of our residents are working closely with the DayOne Tech accelerator and the i4Challenge on various solutions.. Many of them are also working on their prototypes at our “Espace d’Innovation”.

Since we house startups and well-established companies, our site also encourages unique collaborations. View the success story of this collaboration over here.

The Medtech Congress, one of the biggest events of its kind in the area, is hosted by the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Jura, taking place every year in October.

Throughout the year, our innovation park hosts diverse community events exclusive to our innovative ecosystem.

Why the Jura?

The rich industrial heritage of the Jura, with its longstanding tradition in the metal and watch industries, offers skilled labor and an ideal supply chain for companies in the medtech sector. Businesses requiring precision engineering and chemical manufacturing find essential resources and efficient operations in the Jura.

The Canton of Jura also offers support for various stages of company development:

Startup support: for innovative startups during the launch and pre-industrialization period.

Business development: support for implementing new strategies or strengthening market positions.

Collaborative project: support for companies or communities developing inter-company projects or with a research institute

Taxation: Tax relief may be granted to companies developing an unknown or unexploited element in the Canton of Jura.

Furthermore, the status of the region as a life sciences hub facilitates collaboration and innovation, both for established companies and startups.

How can you connect me to your network?

Starting from a resident membership, you have unlimited access to events organized by Basel Area Business & Innovation as well as to exclusive events across our three sites, which are the perfect opportunities to meet other residents, potential customers and partners.

As a resident, you have also access to a closed LinkedIn group where you can post your events and news.

Additionally, we can connect you to our partners, including the Economic Promotion of Canton of Jura, CSEM and He-arc.

We can connect you with the project managers from DayOne Tech and i4Challenges, who are also on-site.

Furthermore, we are always looking forward to sharing milestones and news from our residents on our social media. For every new resident, we create a welcome post and share it on our LinkedIn channel.

Why would I need a prototype space?

Our “Espace d’Innovation” at our site Jura is a dedicated space for our residents to realize their ideas. It was created together with DayOne Tech in 2023 and offers startups a workspace to adjust and develop their prototypes. It includes a pillar drill, two 3D printers and a wide range of electronic components and devices.

Making an MVP right at the office is convenient, especially with a space that allows you to do as many tests as possible. With a prototype, you can convincingly present your ideas at a pitch or impress partners and investors. It is a great first step when reaching out to the industry. Also, our space is very accessible (you only bring in the materials, the machinery and tools are free to use).

All of our residents at our site Jura and medtech startups from the DayOne Tech accelerator can access the innovation space.

Can you help me apply to InnoSuisse or competitions?

Part of the requirements of applying to Innosuisse, Switzerland’s innovation agency, is to partner with a research institution recognized by the Swiss Confederation. At the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Jura we can connect you with the people that will help you find the perfect academic and industry partners.

How can we access other parks?

It is always possible to attend the events taking place across our sites. Upon request, it is also possible to arrange to work from other sites in special situations.

What is the benefit for me to work at the site Jura (in comparison to home office, for example)?

Working at home might be convenient, but is it the best option for you? Our Jura site provides the perfect environment for rapid growth and innovation. By handling the essentials like infrastructure and front desk management, we enable you to focus on scaling your business. Unlike other coworking spaces, our focus connects you with peers who understand your challenges and solutions. Our community managers are experienced and used to organizing events of all sizes. The proximity to the Basel Area Business & Innovation team connects with you with experts who can help you on your journey to success. Finally, our pleasant facilities and inspiring workspaces offer the ideal environment for a fulfilling work experience, where you can meet with partners and prospects. With a private office, you enjoy privacy while still being part of a vibrant community.

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Estelle Corbel

Estelle Corbel

Community Manager at Switzerland Innovation Park - Jura

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