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Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

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Créer son entreprise


Apprendre en trois heures les bases pour bien démarrer son entreprise. Faites le premier pas. Nos experts de et l’expert de l'Institut pour Jeunes Entreprises vous montre ce qui est important lors de la création de votre entreprise et vous accompagne sur le chemin de l'indépendance.


Le mardi 2 octobre de 16h00 à 19h00 dans les locaux de la CCIJ, rue de l’Avenir 23 à Delémont.


Contenu du cours


Créer son entreprise


Apprendre en trois heures les bases pour bien démarrer son entreprise. Faites le premier pas. Nos experts de et l’expert de l'Institut pour Jeunes Entreprises vous montre ce qui est important lors de la création de votre entreprise et vous accompagne sur le chemin de l'indépendance.


Seminar Vorbereitung zur Firmengründung


Die Startup-Experten der zeigen gemeinsam mit Spezialisten des Instituts für Jungunternehmen interessierten Teilnehmern, was bei der Firmengründung auf sie zukommt und wie man auf dem Weg in die Selbständigkeit am besten ...


Aiming for novel antibiotic approaches: Challenges, new technologies and potential collaborations


The world is running out of useful antibiotics. Over the past decades, pan-resistant strains of major bacterial pathogens have emerged that have rendered clinically available antibiotics ineffective. As a consequence, many of the major achievements of modern medicine are now at risk. With the pipeline of new antimicrobials slowing to a standstill, alternative strategies are required to identify clinically useful antimicrobials.


In Switzerland and the Basel Area in particular, world-leading scientists work in the life sciences, with important industrial companies at the cutting-edge of antibiotic R&D. Our symposium and networking event aims to promote the full potential of synergies between different stakeholders and to increase collaboration between experts in different research-fields who might be able to contribute to antibiotics R&D. The symposium will highlight technologies and approaches that are presently underexploited but that could prove crucial in supporting antibiotic research, ranging from single-cell analysis to exploration of microbial behavior within tissue sites.


The aim of this event is to connect key players in antibiotic-research to discuss present roadblocks to understanding antibiotic action, discovery and development, as well as to discuss how new technologies could help to overcome some of the challenges in the field.


Who should attend?

The symposium aims at an interdisciplinary audience working on antibiotics R&D in industry or academia, as well as at anyone interested in contributing to the field, including biologists, biomedical engineers, chemists and clinicians.


Please join us at this event on April 26th 2018, 17:00 to 19:30, at SUD, Burgweg 7, 4058 Basel.




Andreas Plückthun – between basic research and biotech entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurially driven academics are thinly spread in Europe. And one would be pressed very hard to find even more than a handful that have started not just one but three successful biotech companies. One of them is Andreas Plückthun, Professor at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Zurich as well as co-founder of Morphosys, Molecular Partners and G7 Therapeutics (now Heptares-Zurich). We are delighted to have Andreas Plückthun talking about his path between basic science and entrepreneurship. He recounts how he successfully co-founded several biotech companies and how the ecosystem for startups has evolved in the last 20 years.  


Please join us at this event at Halle 7, Gundeldingerfeld, Dornacherstrasse 192, in Basel, on April 24th 2018, 19:00 to20:00 (door opening 18:45).




Finance your Innovation – non-dilutive funding and support for startups and SMEs


Innovation is the key for continuing successful business. Often, innovation is created by collaborating with partners from other businesses, countries and institutions. To initiate and maintain collaborations, non-dilutive funding opportunities for SMEs became increasingly important as a strategic source of financing and support (e.g. EU-Programs like Horizon2020 and Eurostars, foundations, awards and Swiss programmes like Innosuisse/CTI). In particular, the European research and innovation programs are important tools to increase the effectiveness of developing new products.


Who should attend? and Euresearch Basel offer this attractive afternoon event now for the fourth time for SMEs, startups, and people with an entrepreneurial spirit as well as for stakeholders who are active in this field. They will get a unique overview on different international and national funding opportunities including practical examples of successful applicants. Further, the event provides a structured approach to get into contact with supporting organisations and speakers from the industry.


Date: April 17, 2018, 16:00 – 19:30

Venue: Parterre Rialto, Birsigstrasse 45, 4054 Basel

Organizers: Euresearch Regional Office Basel and


Seminar «Clevere Preisgestaltung für innovative Produkte und Services»


Preise wirken stark und unmittelbar auf den Umsatz, den Gewinn und die Marktanteile eines Unternehmens. Die Kaufentscheidungen der Kunden hängen zu über 50 Prozent vom Preis ab. Oft fehlt den Unternehmen jedoch das notwendige Spezialwissen für ein erfolgreiches Preismanagement.

Viele Unternehmen fokussieren stark auf den Preispunkt und übersehen die zahlreichen kreativen Möglichkeiten für eine gewinnmaximierende Preisgestaltung.

In seinem interaktiven Seminar zeigt der Pricing Experte Christian Wirth anhand vieler Praxisbeispiele wie Sie


Seminar «How to start a company in switzerland»


How do you start a company in Switzerland? What legal aspects do you have to cosider? The start-up experts of and IFJ (Institut für Jungunternehmen) are going to explain how to get your business started and where to get help o...

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