Basel and Novartis Campus

The only co-working space on the Novartis Campus

Located in the city of Basel, the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Novartis Campus offers a range of shared workspaces, private offices and innovation areas tailored to the needs of startups, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the field of digital health and health tech.

Our modern facilities include comprehensive services such as community management, meeting rooms, and free access to networking events, providing an ideal environment for creativity and business growth.

Situated within the bustling Novartis Campus, our office site benefits from amenities such as restaurants and shops to vibrant clubs and a fully-equipped gym, all easily accessible to our on-site residents.

Where to find us?

Our site is strategically located at the Novartis Campus, Basel’s hub for medicine, healthcare, and bioscience. Here, Novartis associates from around the world come together to advance innovation in life sciences. The Novartis Campus facilities are accessible to our residents, including public events taking place on campus.

Our offer

Private offices

We provide fully furnished workspaces tailored for small and mid-sized teams, complemented by on-site support from our dedicated Community and Operations Managers.

Starting from 1400.– CHF / month.

Coworking space

With our fixed desk solutions, you gain access to our modern office facilities, meeting rooms, events, and the option to domicile your company at our office.

Starting from 360.– CHF / month.


We create platforms where relevant interactions can happen. As the only co-working space in the Novartis Campus we offer proximity to research institutions, biotech and pharma companies.

Open mic: Next in health series

Our flagship event series

Open mic: Next in health series invites leaders from diverse backgrounds to take the mic in a relaxing yet controversial conversation and share their views on the future of health. Building up on the success of the event series since 2021, the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area and DayOne – Healthcare Innovation bring forward an exciting concept to accelerate digital health transformation – from Basel to the world! 

Our innovative community

Situated within the campus of one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Novartis Campus specializes in housing digital health and health tech companies. This site is a beacon for digital transformation in healthcare, offering a collaborative environment for researchers, digital innovators, app developers, engineers, healthcare professionals and more.
Join our site to work in proximity to research institutions such as Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI) and the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB), biotech companies based on campus such as CSL Behring, SOTIO Biotech, Ultragenyx, FoRx Therapeutics as well as pharma players such as Pharmaplan and, of course, Novartis.
Meet all our residents right here:

FAQ Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Novartis Campus

Why Novartis Campus?

Novartis Campus opened to the public and external companies in October 2022. Since then, various players have joined and moved their operations to the Campus. Biotech companies such as Ultragenyx, SOTIO Biotech or FoRx Therapeutics or renowned research institutes like the Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI) or the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel (IOB).

The Novartis Campus is a hub for innovation and provides the ideal breeding ground for companies in healthcare and life science spectrum to grow and strive. It offers a variety of amenities from restaurants and shops to a gym and sport clubs. 

What is happening inside the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area - Novartis campus

The Novartis Campus site is dedicated to ventures in the health tech spectrum. Our residents are working in digital health and immunoinformatic, vaccine development, biometric stimulation technologies, neuromodulation therapies, biotherapeutics, drug development consulting, AI based diagnostics, cancer treatments and more.

Different types and sized companies have settled in our office, from startups to departments of well-established companies. This allows for unique interactions between companies at different stages and potential collaborations that further boost business growth.

A variety of community events, some exclusive to our innovative ecosystem, are taking place within and around the Innovation Park. These events provide the perfect platform for expanding your network. For example, the Open mic: Next in health series, a well established event in Basel, taking place 4 times a year, is hosted by the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Novartis Campus

As a resident, you can benefit from the proximity to the Rhine river and Basel city while you become part of a neighborhood of key healthcare and life sciences companies.  If you are new to the community, you can find like-minded peers and when you already know the ecosystem, it is a great space to maintain existing connections.

What can I access with the Novartis Campus badge?

As a resident of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area – Novartis Campus, you have 24/7 access to the Campus and our office with a badge. Public areas and other amenities are accessible during the official Campus opening hours or according to their opening hours.

How can we access other Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area - sites?

We encourage our residents to actively engage with the Park community and participate in events of all our sites. It is possible to work from other sites for a limited time upon request.

Could renting space on the Novartis Campus bring me closer to key healthcare industry players?

As a resident, you have access to our innovation ecosystem which includes early-stage companies and also large corporates. Being on-site means you can bump into them at any time, whether it is at our events, common areas or events taking place at the campus (organized by Novartis or externals).

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Rahel Schneider

Community Manager and Site Development at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

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