Meet our alumni

We congratulate the alumni companies of the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.

Reach out to us and become our resident across our Novartis Campus, Main Campus and Jura sites.

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Abzu was born from the desire to challenge the fundamental assumptions of contemporary, black box AI. Abzu’s pioneering artificial intelligence, the QLattice, accelerates analysis and insights through transparent and explainable models and inspires data scientists to be more scientific.

AdVentura Works SA

AdVentura Works is building a solution for remote driving of forklifts to help logistics and industrial companies tackle employee shortages, using computer vision, advanced sensors, Edge AI and human-robot collaboration.


Alltimm consults in technical development, Chemistry-Manufacturing-Controls (CMC), and supply chain for pharmaceutical products of small and large molecules.

Alpha Anoremic

Develops and commercializes new live-saving drugs for severe neuromuscular diseases based on the proprietary alpha anomeric bicyclo DNA platform.


Amzell acquires early-stage drug or combination product (drug-device) candidates and repurposed drugs and develops them through proof of concept to registration for sale to commercial healthcare companies.


It is the first company in the world to have developed a surgical robotic platform to cut bone with a “cold” photoablation laser, leaving bone structures intact and vital.


Asterivir is a spin-out from the EPFL lab of Prof. Francesco Stellacci, licensing patents on broad-spectrum antivirals invented.


Algae Natural Food provides protein and/or omega 3 rich high quality micro-algae for food and feed applications.


Avelo’s mission is to save lives by bringing fast and actionable infectious disease diagnosis to primary care.

Axom Solutions AG

Axom Solutions is using the latest deep learning pharmaceutical manufacturing images adding the flexibility and agility required by the production environment.


Customers scan properties by themselves. As a result, the solution provides accurate plans and BIM models that have all necessary information embedded as a digital twin.

Bluenaut Matching Services AG

Bluenaut Matching Services AG operates online platforms that bring together searchers and providers of specialized services in a targeted manner.

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