Congratulations to these alumni companies of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area:


AOT: Is the first company worldwide to develop a surgical robotic platform, named CARLO, to cut bone with a «cold» photoablation laser, leaving bone structures intact and vital, and thus pioneering the new field of «Laser-Osteotomy».

Blackbird Project GmbH: Blackbird Projects provides advisory services to technology companies in the following fields: Image Sensors, 3-D imaging, Semiconductor Lasers, and Health Monitoring / Diagnostics.

Catalyze: Catalyze helps researchers and companies secure financing for ambitious R&D projects, from early stage pre-clinical research up to clinical stage development.

Mininavident: The DENACAM System by Mininavident is a highly innovative 3D realtime navigation system for the

precise implantation of dental implants.

Polyneuron: Development of a promising new drug class to treat autoimmune disorders

Predemtec: Research, development and manufacturing of innovative diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of risk factors of dementias

Skyhawk Therapeutics: Drug discovery company with a novel platform to develop small molecules targeting RNA

The Farm&Co: The Farm & Co is a start-up company that creates, develops and design chatbots to improve healthcare management.

Versameb AG: Research and development in the field of regenerative medicine, looking to design novel technologies