Congratulations to these alumni companies of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area:

Amzell: Amzell acquires early stage drug or combination product (drug-device) candidates and repurposed drugs and develop them through proof of concept to registration for sale to commercial healthcare companies.

Ad Mirabiles: Ad Mirabiles provides patient specific implants for any type of indication, focusing in particular

Algae Natural Food: Provides protein and/or omega 3 rich high quality micro-algae for food and feed applications.

Alibion: Biotech company focused on the early stage development of the first personalized medicine against Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Aurteen: Develops software that uses machine learning to provide low-cost non-invasive screening solutions to detect blinding disorders and brings accessible high-quality-diagnostic care to the general population.

AOT: Is the first company worldwide to develop a surgical robotic platform, named CARLO, to cut bone with a «cold» photoablation laser, leaving bone structures intact and vital, and thus pioneering the new field of «Laser-Osteotomy».

Blackbird Project GmbH: Blackbird Projects provides advisory services to technology companies in the following fields: Image Sensors, 3-D imaging, Semiconductor Lasers, and Health Monitoring / Diagnostics.

Catalyze: Catalyze helps researchers and companies secure financing for ambitious R&D projects, from early stage pre-clinical research up to clinical stage development.

Cimeio Therapeutics: Develops game changing immunotherapies for leukemic tumors, non-malignant blood disorders, auto-immune diseases and tolerance for organ transplantation.

Deep Breath Initiative (DBI): We aim to uncover the full potential of molecular gas analysis to improve patients lives and advance precision medicine by making it available for general health care.

Galen Growth: Galen Growth Asia is the leading research, analytics and matchmaking firm in Asia Pac serving Fortune 500 companies and global investors, exclusively HealthTech focused.

Haako GmbH: We build an asthma platform to help parents of children with asthma.

Health Hacking Lab: We are a non profit lab for patients, caregivers and innovators to co-create solutions that address everyday health challenges. We bring people, training, knowledge and equipment together to help others to improve their lives step by step.

Keto Swiss: KetoSwiss is a University of Basel spinoff- brings an efficient and long-neglected fuel for the brain (ketone bodies) back into the modern world, to combat neurological diseases, such as migraine.

Mininavident: The DENACAM System by Mininavident is a highly innovative 3D realtime navigation system for the precise implantation of dental implants.

Pattern BioSciences: Develops programmable therapies using gene circuit technologies.

Peter Kelly Pharma: The drug discovery company specializes in diseases of the nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

Polyneuron: Development of a promising new drug class to treat autoimmune disorders.

Predemtec: Research, development and manufacturing of innovative diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of risk factors of dementias.

Q-Linked: Consults, supports and accompanies enterprises during an envisaged ISO certification and provides high quality assistance during staffing bottleneck.

SPINALI SWISS: specialized in Datatextile and Artificial Intelligence.

Skyhawk Therapeutics: Drug discovery company with a novel platform to develop small molecules targeting RNA.

The Farm&Co: The Farm & Co is a start-up company that creates, develops and design chatbots to improve healthcare management.

Versameb AG: Research and development in the field of regenerative medicine, looking to design novel technologies.