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Congratulations to these alumni companies of Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

Amzell: Amzell acquires early-stage drug or combination product (drug-device) candidates and repurposed drugs and develops them through proof of concept to registration for sale to commercial healthcare companies.

Ad Mirabiles AG: Ad Mirabiles provides patient-specific implants for any type of indication, focusing in particular.

Alexander Breidenbach Business Development Consulting

Algae Natural Food Switzerland / Exclusive Experience AG: Algae Natural Food provides protein and/or omega 3 rich high quality micro-algae for food and feed applications – the production process for organic micro algae production is developed based on a sustainable and circular approach for a successful eco-conception. Exclusive Experience AG: We enable business by bringing together Businesses, Networks, People and Concepts. Finding Solutions to develop, build or introduce your Business in order to create value. Therefore we offer Business-Partner, Consulting and HR solutions. Main focus is sustainable development, solutions in Future of Food, Biotechnology, Med tech and Leisure. Where we can contribute with experience and know how to build and implement turnover, strategy, organize financials and bring in or develop people.

Alibion GmbH: Biotech company focused on the early-stage development of the first personalized medicine against Rheumatoid Arthritis.

AOT: It is the first company in the world to have developed a a surgical robotic platform, named CARLO, to cut bone with a “cold” photoablation laser, leaving bone structures intact and vital, and thus pioneering the new field of “Laser-Osteotomy”.

Aurteen GmbH: Develops software that uses machine learning to provide low-cost non-invasive screening solutions to detect blinding disorders and brings accessible high-quality-diagnostic care to the general population.

Asterivir AG: Asterivir is a spin-out from the EPFL lab of Prof. Francesco Stellacci, licensing patents on broad-spectrum antivirals invented well before the emergence of SARS-CoV-2. Molecules employ a novel mechanism of action that renders circulating virions uninfective, showing superiority over oseltamivir (Tamiflu) in head-to-head comparisons in mice. Besides H1N1, the technology has also proven to be effective in-vivo against RSV, HSV-2 and most recently SARS-CoV-2.

Avelo AG: Avelo’s mission is to save lives by bringing fast and actionable infectious disease diagnosis to primary care. Our solution is a non-invasive sample-to-answer breath test that reliably detects multiple lower respiratory tract infections causing pneumonia within minutes.

BGO Software

Blackbird Project GmbH: Blackbird Projects provides advisory services to technology companies in the following fields: Image Sensors, 3-D imaging, Semiconductor Lasers, and Health Monitoring / Diagnostics.

Catalyze GmbH: Catalyze helps researchers and companies secure financing for ambitious R&D projects, from early-stage pre-clinical research up to clinical-stage development.

Cimeio Therapeutics AG: CIMEIO develops game changing immunotherapies for leukemic tumors, non-malignant blood disorders, auto-immune diseases and tolerance for organ transplantation. This is achieved by “resetting the immune system” by eliminating diseased and healthy hematopietic stem cells (HSCs) utilizing CART-cells or monoclonal antibodies (mAb) and reconstituing the hematopietic system with allele engineered, “shielded” donor HCSs. HSCs are shielded against CART-cell or mAb attack by introducing a point mutation to a specific cell receptor.

Deep Breath Initiative (DBI): We aim to uncover the full potential of molecular gas analysis to improve patients lives and advance precision medicine by making it available for general health care. In essence, we analyze metabolites high tech real-time mass spectrometry, interprets the data with the help of machine learning tools in order to achieve clinical relevance. The entire services will be offered in a world first platform that will connect all industry players from patients, doctors, Pharma, CROs and hospitals.

ExoSuisse GmbH

Galen Growth GmbH: Galen Growth Asia is the leading research, analytics, and matchmaking firm in Asia Pac serving Fortune 500 companies and global investors, exclusively HealthTech focused.


Haako GmbH: Breathe is our all-in-one solution for parents that supports and guides them through management of pediatric asthma. We are measuring quality of care delivered by parents to their children and real-world asthma data collected as part of daily disease management to analyze parental impact on the child’s asthma. Using this data we determine points of improvement and then deliver targeted enablement, exercises and feedback to parents that helps them better understand their child’s asthma and become better at asthma management.

Health Hacking Lab: We are a non-profit lab for patients, caregivers, and innovators to co-create solutions that address everyday health challenges. We bring people, training, knowledge, and equipment together to help others to improve their lives step by step.

Keto Swiss AG: KetoSwiss is a University of Basel spinoff- brings an efficient and long-neglected fuel for the brain (ketone bodies) back into the modern world, to combat neurological diseases, such as migraine.

KetteRx GmbH: KetteRx GmbH is a Basel based company active in the field of creating, planning and operating biotech companies. The founders, two former Roche Pharma Partnering alumni and experienced dealmakers, Alexander Breidenbach, a drug development expert and Michael Motz, a chemist by training, have teamed up to scout for innovative scientific ideas and assets addressing unmet medical needs. We collaborate with the inventors to drive development of these projects with a pharma industry point of view. We lead the company creation tasks with the aim to become an investible entity for venture capital investors. Together, we will take care of securing funding and subsequent execution by leading the company operations up to a potential exit. KetteRx operates in close collaboration with large investors and acts as Entrepreneurs-in-Residence for BB Pureos Bioventures.

Mayr BioMedTech Consulting

MD Precision Health

MGW Pharmatech AG: The founder of MGW Pharmatech has 30 years experiences in oral solid dosage process. To utilize the advanced technologies such as Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and leverage the ecosystem in Basel area, MGW Pharmatech aims to establish a platform for instrument and process development for continuous production of pharmaceutical products. The platform will provide customized services to the pharmaceutical companies which include process development and process validation.

Pattern BioSciences AG

Peter Kelly Pharma: The drug discovery company specializes in diseases of the nervous system, such as Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

Plantik Bioscience

Polyneuron Pharmaceuticals AG: Polyneuron is pioneering a novel therapeutic approach for the effective and safe treatment of antibody-mediated autoimmune diseases of the nervous system where a pathological role of anti-carbohydrate autoantibodies is well established. Polyneuron’s platform focus in on rare but devastating autoimmune diseases of the nervous system with an unmet medical need. The company’s Antibody-Catch™ technology platform enables the chemical design of injectable glycopolymers that are able to selectively eliminate the pathological autoantibodies, while leaving the rest of the immune system intact. Polyneuron was founded as a University of Basel, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, spin-off in 2014.

Predemtec AG: Predemtec is active in research, development and manufacturing of innovative diagnostic tests for the diagnosis of risk factors of dementias.

Pyrion Therapeutics GmbH

Q-Linked: Q-Linked consults, supports and accompanies enterprises during an envisaged ISO certification and provides high quality assistance during staffing bottleneck.

Sintetica SA: Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Mendrisio, Switzerland, our goal is to continuously strive to improve therapies, enhancing how they are formulated and used, for the benefit of clinicians and patients. We do so in close cooperation with clinical experts, who shape our understanding of their unmet needs and our efforts to address them. With this trust and insight, we push the limits of science and technology to make therapies safer, easier to use, and better for patients. In 2020 we reliably supplied millions of doses of improved therapies across a range of therapeutic classes, including anesthesia and analgesia, while expanding to address unmet needs.

Skyhawk: At Skyhawk Therapeutics we use proprietary structural, kinetic, and computational models to invent small molecules that correct splicing in RNA, targeting some of the world’s most intractable diseases.

Soladis GmbH: Soladis is a service provider company specialized in data analytics. For over 20 years, we support our partners in their data related projects thanks to a team of 100+ highly skilled consultants with Statistical, Data Science and Medical expertise, both in North America and EU. We address a variety of customers, from SMEs to big multinational companies and have a particular focus on “Life Science” (i.e. Pharma, Medical Device, Biotech, Cosmetics etc.). We have developed several expertises in Statistics/Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics, Clinical Studies and Data Science/A.I. and have also our own training center.

Sotio Biotech AG: SOTIO has been building a diverse biotechnology portfolio through own R&D, partnering and investments since 2010. It’s focusing on immuno-oncology and developing innovative methods of the treatment of cancer. SOTIO is conducting multiple Phase I to III clinical trials and projects in preclinical stage. The company has facilities in Europe, the US, China and Russia.

SPINALI SWISS: SPINALI DESIGN connected clothing embodies a new generation of products that help improve our daily lives. From couture bathing suits that have integrated UV Sensors to dresses that connect lifestyle to digital technology, the alliance of tech and fabrics provides access to new features that are not only functional but also beautiful. Spinali Design is also developing a smart bandage that is able to detect infection and Connected smart gloves designed to fight against Covid-19, viruses and bacteria using natural and artificial light.

SunRegen Healthcare AG: SunRegen Healthcare AG is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to develop drugs to treat neurodegenerative diseases. We focus on innovative treatments for patients suffering from neurological, neuromuscular and ophthalmic diseases. Our first product candidates in development target primary optical atrophy. We are further evaluating them for use in serious neurological / neuromuscular diseases such as ALS, Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Swiss Vault Systems GmbH: Swiss Vault Systems has the best-in-class solution for storage of large data. Our unique hardware design and software setup ensures rapid analysis, with secure long-term storage at very low energy consumption.

The Farm&Co: The Farm & Co is a start-up company that creates, develops, and designs chatbots to improve healthcare management.

UniteLabs AG

Versameb: Versameb AG is a privately held company focusing on discovering and developing innovative RNA-based drugs for modulation of protein expression and cellular targeting. Versameb’s proprietary technology platform optimizes the application of functional mRNA in different disease contexts. The company is based in Basel, Switzerland and is fully operating since 2018.

Volv Global SA: Volv help to diagnose patients with difficult to diagnose or rare diseases with our inTrigue product.

Zühlke: Zühlke is a global innovation service provider. We envisage ideas and create new business models for our clients by developing services and products based on new technologies from the initial vision through development to deployment, production and operation.

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