Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

Switzerland Innovation

Switzerland Innovation is a privately funded foundation with joint support from the federal and cantonal governments, universities and research institutes.


The initiative creates a platform for companies to team up with higher education institutions in order to nurture innovations and bring them to life whilst strengthening Switzerland as one of the most innovative countries in the world.

Launched in 2015, the foundation operates five legally independent regional innovation parks and a national organizing institution. Each of the parks is located in different areas of Switzerland offering a unique portfolio of services, first-class infrastructure, proximity to leading universities, and with scope for further development designed to serve as startup incubators.

Basel Area

An economic powerhouse, the Basel Area is easily accessible and offers unmatched scientific credentials. The Basel Area features a unique combination of start-ups, innovative enterprises and world leading players.


The area is home to more than 700 life science companies across the entire value chain, both Roche and Novartis have their global headquarters here. It is closely connected to the world of academia through top-notch institutions like the University of Basel, the FHNW and the ETH Zurich.

Add a high quality of life and you’ll grasp why the tri-border-region is one of the most sought-after locations for starting and growing a life sciences venture. It’s hard to discover another ecosystem with such a density of expertise, funding opportunities, talent and peer companies for creating business success.


Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area features four sites spread over the Basel Area, all covering our key focus areas and offering a unique range of services.


Since 2019, the innovation and economic promotion agency Basel Area Business & Innovation manages all operational aspects of the Park. Supporting engineers, scientists, research groups, managers, spin-offs, and start-ups on their way towards the next breakthrough.


Basel and Novartis Campus

Courroux, Jura

Main Campus


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