Would you like to always stay informed on the latest developments in and around Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area? Then our Innovation Log is the perfect news source for you.

On January 18, 2016, Switzerland Innovation was officially launched as a national platform to foster innovation and technological progress. On the same day, Park Basel Area was opened as one of five sites, each with different focal points and core areas of expertise. In our new Innovation Log, you will find


  • information on the companies and research groups who have taken residence at Park Basel Area in the past two years,
  • updates on the latest developments and discoveries made by our residents,
  • introductions of new residents at Park Basel Area,
  • general news related to our focus areas precision medicine, health-oriented life sciences and biomedical engineering.


Park Basel Area has become a vibrant, inspiring community of scientists who have set out to create breakthrough innovations with their research & development. Our Innovation Log aims to capture that spirit and give you first-hand insights into the fascinating work taking place at Park Basel Area. Be sure to check back with us regularly or you might just miss the latest discovery in the life sciences stronghold Basel.

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