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Welcome to 115’000 m² of interconnected innovation space. As part of the most dynamic life sciences cluster in Europe with over 700 companies in the Basel Area, this innovation district is the meeting point for biotech and healthcare trailblazers. The largest building (HQ) lies at the heart of the campus and houses the site’s visitors center, the innovation lounge and coworking offering. By 2028, the area will consist of five buildings, constructed by SENN.



Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area offers four unique coworking spaces in Basel, Jura, Allschwil and on the Novartis Campus. From a dedicated on-site Community Manager to fix desks and flex desk, meeting rooms and lounge areas, we offer you everything you need from day one.



The perfect location for companies looking to expand, or start-up companies in biotech. Learn more about our fully equipped, private and shared lab space (BSL-1, BSL-2, PCR and Chemistry) with access to cold storage and liquid nitrogen. Our shared labs are serviced by our dedicated lab manager.



When joining us as a resident, you are given access to an immense and diverse community of great minds. The invaluable power of a tightknit community will support you on your journey to success. Our on-site Community Managers make residents feel welcome, facilitate contact with other residents and experts and provide information about our support services and events.



We offer a broad range of services to help you grow your company. These include seminars, workshops, venture mentoring and networking events. Three leading accelerator programs dedicated to the support of ventures in the field of therapeutics, digital health and industrial transformation are based at the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area.


Business Success

Your business goals define our offer. A broad set of services for a smooth realization of your ambition – to guide and support aspiring entrepreneurs on their way towards success.

Convenient Workspace

Your place to shape the future and dream big. The rest is taken care of for you. Seamless and reliable for you to write the next chapter of your movement. Starting and growing your own business requires a lot of focus.


You and your team are given access to an immense and diverse community of great minds. The invaluable power of a community spread over three sites to support you on your journey.


Four new buildings for Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

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Our Focus Areas

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area focuses on four specific thematic areas for research and subsequent development into products and services. Our residents benefit from the huge potential for innovation in the following disciplines:


In the area of biotech, research is focused on drug development and discovery. Our residents work on breakthrough treatments that offer greater benefits than just incremental improvements. Most companies are in the process of discovering, developing and testing their products with the goal of fulfilling unmet medical needs – they aim at addressing conditions for which there are currently no adequate cures or diagnoses.


Medtech companies at Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area work on innovations, tools, materials or objects that will change diagnosis, monitoring, therapeutics or treatment. Switzerland is one of the most important locations for the global medical technology industry with the highest density of medical device companies per capita in Europe – and the Basel Area is its most dynamic center of activities.

Digital Health & Healthtech

The Basel Area is a world-leading hub of biopharma, diagnostics and medtech industries. These players are in the midst of the transformation of their business models, traditionally focused on drugs and devices, towards the delivery of healthcare. This is accompanied by the rapid adoption and development of Digital Health and Healthtech capabilities, making the Basel Area a hotbed in these fields.

Industrial Transformation

The Basel region boasts a solid base of manufacturing companies (from large to SME). The canton of Basel-Land is particularly active in production for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, while the canton of Jura is a hotspot in the field of watchmaking.

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