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Our Focus Areas

Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area focuses on four specific thematic areas for research and subsequent development into products and services. Our residents benefit from the huge potential for innovation in the following disciplines:



In the area of biotech, research is focused on drug development and discovery. Our residents work on breakthrough treatments that offer greater benefits than just incremental improvements. Most companies...



Medtech is a rather broad sector which includes any product suited to extend our lifespans, for example items used in a routine visit to the doctor, (gloves, syringes), other common products such as glasses...


Digital Health & Healthtech

Digital Health and Healthtech combine digital technologies with health, living and society, to make the delivery of healthcare more efficient, precise and personalized. This convergence fuels a transformation from today’s sickcare...


Industrial Transformation

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a rapid transformation process, driven by new consumer needs, global competition, changing business models and the development of revolutionary technologies...



Business Success

Your business goals define our offer. A broad set of services for a smooth realization of your ambition – to guide and support aspiring entrepreneurs on their way towards success.


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Your place to shape the future and dream big. The rest is taken care of for you. Seamless and reliable for you to write the next chapter of your movement. Starting and growing your own business requires a lot of focus.



You and your team are given access to an immense and diverse community of great minds. The invaluable power of a community spread over three sites to support you on your journey.



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